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✨I’m Here for ALL your Spiritual Needs! It’s time to Become Your True Self!🪬

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💫As a professional Reiki Master Teacher, Evidential Medium, Spiritual Advisor and Sound Healer , I am compelled to share my gift with all of my clients. I have an impact on other human beings to awaken their own life goals and aspirations. I offer a variety of services to get my clients to see their own life’s potential. To help You go Deep Within and Heal!!! Take a look at the services below, and get in touch today.💫




Sage has always been my go to for clearing anything that is weighing me down! I do it before I meditate, before and after readings and even just burn it around the house to be able to just breathe it in and feel better. We carry around SO much in our bodies and auric field. Give it a try..You won’t regret it!


Spiritual Readings


Being a Evidential Medium has been such a life changing experience!! This has become one of my most popular services, with clients from near and far scheduling sessions with me. Everything is Energy. Energy can not be created or destroyed. Therefore We never truly die. We just shed Our vessels. Our Energy remains and wants to be heard and seen not just remembered.  I love connecting to your loved ones. Spirit gets just as excited as we do! They have so much to say and they need healing also! ( I also do Readings through FaceTime so no matter where you are I can connect for you! Don’t worry, it works just the same as in person! )


Chakra Maintenance / Sound Healing


Chakras have been with us forever. They carry on with our souls and are truly a life force! Each chakra is connected to an organ in our body. If you don’t take care of them like you do the rest of your being, it can really make you feel out of whack or even make you ill. I love that Science is now proving Chakras exist!!! They ALL should be spinning and clear.. Are yours? In My Sound Healing Sessions I use a lot of different Spiritual Tools. You will be able to Relax on an Infrared Crystal Mat while enjoying Crystal Singing bowls, Tuning forks, Gong, Crystal Pyramid, Shamanic Drumming and even a Tibetan Bowl You can stand in!  I will leave NO low Energy Vibration left Un Turned! So close Your eyes and let the Frequencies do the Work! You will leave feeling Relaxed, Cleansed, Lighter and most Importantly Brand New and Ready to take on this World with Confidence and Peace in Your Heart!✨


Reiki & Distant Reiki

$150 Tips are Appreciated 

These sessions can help with MANY issues. From physical to mental, emotional and spiritual. Reiki is your answer! Everything is Energy. Reiki is Energy Healing. Our emotions turn into stagnant Energy and get trapped in Our bodies. Causing a multitude of things. Anxiety, pain, sickness and even death. Reiki helps to move that Energy out and leaves You cleansed and helps You to Heal! Being able to heal my clients with my hands is a feeling I can’t truly explain. Reiki can be done on Adults, Children, Pets and even Plants!! It can also be done Remotely (Distant Reiki)!!!! So no matter where You are You can Receive the Healing Energy! It’s quite the experience and will change your life that I can Guarantee! I Promise you will leave feeling refreshed, open and brand new! In addition I have just bought an AMAZING Infrared Crystal healing mat that You will be able to lay on during Your Energy Healing Session!  I also balance, cleanse and align Your Chakras, Ground and Balance You with an Amethyst wand and Cut any Cords You may be carrying inside! I’ve also recently added Psychic Surgery to My Sessions! It helps with Pain and Trauma!!    Since I am also a Medium You will have Your loved ones in Your session helping Me to Heal You! Sometimes They can be VERY Chatty!🤍


Spiritual Advising


I LOVE talking about Our spiritual side.. Our SOUL! Their is SO much to Learn. Lucky for You I’m here to Help. I didn’t have anyone when I Awakened. I found Myself going down the rabbit hole every night feeling even more confused then before I started. But in the past 5 years I have learned SO much! That I could actually have the life that I had only dreamed of! To be able to calm the mind in ANY situation. Manifestation , Visualization , Meditation, Astral Projection, Affirmations, Healthy Eating and more!!  I am here to Guide you there, to understand it and make it Your way of Life! We ALL deserve to live out Our dreams and I can make that promise to You! YOU hold ALL the Power Within You! You just need unlock Your Beautiful Spiritual Gifts! It ALL starts with changing Your Mindset.. It All starts with YOU!💫

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Healing Powers

I have always been a very spiritual person; I believe that the universe has a way of guiding us forward through our lives with the help of spirits and angels. I was blessed with the gift of being able to connect with the Spirit Realm and love having the opportunity to connect my clients with their own universal current and loved ones. My focus is to bring forth awareness and healing through love, and to teach others how to open up their own spiritual potential. We NEVER die. We just lose Our Avatars! Life is a Game. So play it Wisely!

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Aubrey Rose did such an amazing job doing soul work on me. I got a smudge done, I got my chakras aligned, and I got a reiki done. I literally feel like a different person. Before seeing Aubrey, I was full of anger, guilt, and questions. Now I know that I have a purpose in this thing called life and I am so grateful to be here and to be able to spread positivity to the world. On top of that, my body feels great. My headaches have disappeared, I have a sense of calm and direction, and I now meditate daily. It truly does work and it will change your life. I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone. Don’t hesitate, just do it! ❤️🙌✌️

Ashley Mattocks

Last night was my first spiritual reading ever!And I’m so thankful it was with my friend, Aubrey Rose I will honesty say I was nervous, not knowing what to expect. However, Aubrey welcomed me into her home, and into her reading space, and I immediately felt the calmness and radiating positivity! 
Words like powerful, emotional, and completely uplifting come to mind 💫❤️ Aubrey said & asked me things that no one else would know or understand, completely validating that I was connecting with my Dad. 😇🌊🌅🎣 
I’m completely amazed and so grateful you shared your beautiful gift with me! THANK YOU for your love 💝 and I cannot wait for next time!

Kristina Marie

I have known Aubrey for going on 10 years. We actually met through an ex of mine, and our friendship has been virtual- HOWEVER, we’ve always been close and connected. No way to explain it- but she’s always been in my life. I was thrilled when she decided to pursue her gifts. She’s truly a kind soul and I know for certain she’s here to help others. 
With that said, I had a reading with her last night. Now, while she does know things in my life because we are friends, she told me things that absolutely NO ONE knows...yet. 4 different things occurred last night to validate what I was told in the reading- and it was after we had ended our call. 
I lost a baby late 2016. It devastated my husband and I. Last night Aubrey was able to help myself, my husband and our son get the closure we all needed. It was full circle. She was telling me things that Noah was saying that absolutely no one could have known.
Y’all, she is the real deal! She has given our family something I didn’t ever think was possible; peace and comfort. 
Thank you Aubs. You’re the brightest light and your purpose is great in this world. Keep shining bright. Keep leading others out of their darkness. You’re powerful and beautiful and we are so lucky to know you. 
There are no coincidences in life ❤️

Megan Phillips

I had the pleasure of having Aubrey Rose Lewis  do some soul work on me today! She smudged me, aligned and balanced my chakras, and I had reiki! It was AMAZING!!! I feel such a sense of peace that I haven't felt in years. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me, I feel lighter, and calm. If you've ever thought of having this done, DO IT! I promise that you will not regret it.  I look forward to many more sessions, and readings with Aubrey! 💫💜💫

Michele Kirsch

Today, I had my first reiki session with Aubrey. I got there and knew that I probably was not balanced and that I desperately needed to be there. I left feeling refreshed, spiritually balanced and felt like a whole new person. She truly has a gift and brought me so much healing, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. I am so so so grateful for her, and today ❤️

Lydia Bongiorno

You sure helped me find peace. When I say I was broken, I mean really broken. I am so glad you were brought into my life. My soul sister and I mean that literally. You have helped me understand things about the soul and our spirit, our angels and you have kept me in touch with my husband, something I would have never imagined. You made me a BELIEVER. As Bobby said ”THANK YOU FOR BRINGING ME TO HIM." My soul sister and I believe in you. You’ve helped me so very much Love You.


I’m not real sure where to begin or even how to put it in words. I’ve processed my session with you yesterday and let me just say I’ve needed you a long time ago! You helped me get back in touch with myself on so many levels. You touched on things that I’ve gone through and you helped release the negative and anger that I’ve carried around with me for ALOT of years. Today I woke up free, calm, positive and with peace and gratitude! I’m so thankful to have you on this journey! I honestly can’t thank you enough❤️❤️

Ashley Testerman

 Thanks you so much for sending me to Aubrey Rose Lewis. The amount of weightthat I felt like was lifted once I left my session wasincredible. My big brother was everything to mehe was my best friend my daughter is namedafter him. I miss him with every ounce of mybeing. Aubrey you gave me exactly what I neededat that point in time to be closer to my brother. Icould feel his presence. Ryan and I had more oflike a twin bond then a regular brother sisterrelationship. I have felt so alone so broken justlike my entire world collapsed without himhere……my family will never be the same. I fullybelieve in Reiki and if I had any doubts before Icame I absolutely no longer have them. What youdid for me Aubrey was amazing and something Icould never express my gratitude for. It meantmore to me then anything in this world. Thank you for helping me try to heal A

Haiden Cochran

I had a reading last night with Aubrey. I have had reiki with her before, during which loved ones came through. This was different. So much more detail and validation. It was beautiful to hear from my grandmother, grandfather and some old friends. Friends I didn’t think would show up for me and was surprised that they are still with me. She also brought me closure on something very personal. A relief I didn’t know I needed. She knew about the rose bushes I planted for my grandmother, her quilts that she made me, my grandfather’s keys that I still keep and so much more! You guys, this is real! If you are dealing with grief, on the fence about booking, do it! It will bring you relief, peace and joy! I woke up feeling connected and joyful❤️ Thank you Aubrey. You’re an angel.

Jennifer Davis

Huge Shout out and Thank you to Aubrey Rose Lewis for an AMAZING Reiki session this week!! I felt so refreshed and relaxed after she spent time balancing my Chakras and cutting negative energy chords!!🤗.  The singing bowls and drum sounds she used were soothing and helped move my blocked energy allowing it to easily flow!! I went to a Dr. Appt. on Wednesday suffering from elbow bursitis and my Dr. said to rest, ice and avoid physical activity and that it might heal in 3-6 weeks!! Well, guess what!!! Aubrey focused her Reiki Healing on my elbow and by Saturday the uncomfortable pertruding bump was GONE!! She is so intune with what Healing the mind and body needs!!  For anyone curious about reiki and healing in general, I thoroughly recommend a session with Aubrey. She is experienced in what she does and on top of that, she is truly a wonderful and kind friend. Thank you Aubrey for being you!!!!🤗😉💛⭐💫

Kimberly McKittrick

It's hard to put into words the experience I had with Aubrey Rose Lewis today. So this will be long but SO WORTH THE 5 MINUTES IT TAKES TO READ. I've struggled with a lot of trauma, addiction, and a lot of grief from the loss of my dad and my daughter, and many other people close to me  When I got to Aubrey's home I was full of nerves and slightly sceptical. I had no idea what the session was even going to entail. But I was open to the help because I was so exhausted from walking around with all this on my shoulders. All the fear, anxiety, guilt and self hate I carried. But she instantly made me feel safe and at home and was very clear about our intentions. She built trust before we even started. She was able to expose every bodily injury ive ever had without a word from me so at that point I was committed and fully believed in her and the process.It took us a little time to get there but she helped bring me to a place where I could set my ego aside and exposed my soul. Thanks to her direction and attentiveness and my open mindedness amazing things began to happen. I had sensation and body reactions to the energy she was exposing by helping me fill each chakra with light individualy. The most amazing part for me tho was when we got to a point where my lost loved ones began to come forward. Aubrey conveyed  their messages, and personalities in a way that was undeniable. Even with my dad hitting on her and my grandfather singing, like he did all day every day, then bickering with my dad,  she stayed focused on me and allowed me to feel safe to completely let go of all the dark and literally see the light, with my eyes closed. As my temperature rose and my soul came forward I was able to hear them for myself. I cried with my father and made amends. I laughed with my grandmother, who was not to sure about Aubrey but showed herself to me, pre-strokes, beautiful vibrant with her fiery personality. But most importantly my daughter spoke to me in her own voice and showed me just a glimpse of her beautiful face. Much older and different than the baby I lost. I asked her not to leave and she said "daddy I never leave you! Stop BEING guilty" not stop feeling guilty. My baby said stop being GUILTY. The weight that was lifted was indescribable. I think Aubrey was a little surprised that as she was doing her job, I was having such deep, vibrant experiences. But I couldn't have done it or felt any of it without her. She spent the time to help me decompress, shake it all out and open my eyes. To end the session she took time and care to explain how to keep what she had helped me gain and leave what I had left behind. And what to do to keep these amazing feelings I had been blessed with. I can't wait to go see her again and continue my growth and even get my son involved. I would recommend to anyone who has questions about how to begin to heal pain, physical pain, mental illness, addiction, trauma, or just a change in perspective to try what Aubrey has to offer at least once. It was totally an 👁️ opening experience and beyond healing. The woman is so powerful she can give you the power to begin to change your light. Thank you so much Aubrey. I can't wait to see how much further you can help me see.


Had my first reiki session and I can't believe I've waited so long to try it . I have felt so tired and lazy lately but today I felt so at ease and motivated! I got so much done. Less pain (Spinal problems and neck pain) and no puking! (6 months pregnant with constant sickness throughout). I can't thank you enough love! I know we have more work to do but for my first experience I highly recommend!!! You have a gift!!


Just when I thought it couldnt get any better I had a session with Aubrey this evening and man she had me in my feelings so many of my familys spirits came through it was like a family reuion. My daddy shed some light on why he passed away. My mom mom called me her nickname for me that I haven't heard since I was 3. My friend Mikey came through and made me laugh just like he use to. People who have hurt me apologized even my moms ex husband. My daughter and son that I miscarried let me no they are looking after each other. The most amazing part was the little specific details that Aubrey knew made me know for certain she was truly speaking with my loved ones because there is no way she could find a these things out .my heart feels so full right now. Thank you Aubrey Rose Lewis love you girl keep doing what your doing you have a real gift


So I’ve been processing these thoughts for a while now & im still in disbelief. Anyone who knows me knows I’ve been grieving my dads death for a while now with no answers and tons of questions I got connected with this amazing lady !!! LET me tell you her gift is amazing & I’m not the one to believe in things like this !! Her session was so therapeutic & brought me peace in so many ways . Without going to in-depth just know I can finally sit through a conversation about him without tears… she’s closed doors and opened even bigger ones for Me & has no clue how much anger she has released for me in many ways . Touched base on every major key point in my life from child hood memories to secrets I’ve kept to only myself without ever knowing me  . Aubrey thank you thank you thank you . & thank you again ‘ you have no idea how amazing you are !!💗💗

Airyel Brayerton

It’s been a few weeks and it has taken me this long to actually process the reading I had with you…I cannot even begin to put into words how grateful I am for the spiritual closure I needed and the answers to the questions I needed to be at peace. Without getting too personal I just want to say you are amazing and the fact that he found you for us for our session is mind blowing! The family and friend who also came through was very comforting. For those who do not believe I have to tell them there is no way you could have known the details you relayed to me, the only possible way is that you are definitely “legit” 😝 for lack of a better word!! I am not only grateful for the wonderful gift you have but also for the fact that I found a new friend whom I feel so comfortable with!! It really feels like I have known you forever 😊 I thank God for you 😇🫶🤍

Angela Brayerton

Aubrey Rose I love you. Your services helped me through some tough times after Bobby passed. I really didn’t know how to feel or how I would cope with losing my husband. Of course I was not mentally prepared for it so I was lost. Never in a Million Years would I have ever thought I would be knocking on your door BUT I did and I Thank God  for you. You helped me to understand the process. You helped me to understand that there is truly life after death. You connected me to Bobby(and many others) and I am so grateful.  I appreciate you so much my soul sista❤️❤️

Yvette Sheffler-Hubbard

I just had my 2nd Reiki session with Aubrey. I have been going through a really rough patch both physically and mentally. Some pretty serious health issues that have unknown answers. And some incidents that really rocked me to my soul and made me question life. My mental health was attacked, and my core was shook. I have been trying every conventional method to "feel better". I didnt know what better meant, but I knew life wasnt supposed to be this hard and heavy. I wanted to let go, but didnt know how. I was looking, but not finding anyone who I felt comfortable enough with. I knew I couldnt do it myself. I was stuck.
After a random encounter through 3 people, I was introduced to Aubrey. Of course I stalked her facebook and felt like maybe this is what I was needing. From the first message to her, she was nothing but supportive. I have been hesitant going to someone who sees my energy and soul because I havent been treated the best and protect myself at all costs. She was able to see through those walls. I have been building these walls since my early 20's so they were pretty high. During the session I was able to fully release and let her do her magic on me. She was able to explain why I felt the way I felt and how we were going to make it better. I felt completely at ease and like we had been friends for years. She guided me as I was able to release the darkness and release what doesnt serve me. She let me know that Im not alone, and that my loved ones are with me. 
I could literally feel the release of dark energy and negativity. I could feel the light entering my body and taking over, banishing the darkness out of my body. I felt like I was in a different place. I couldnt feel the bed beneath me, but I could feel the energy radiating from my body. 
 I look forward to these sessions. I feel hopeful that the darkness will not win. I love the high it gives me. The hope for the future. Bringing positivity back into my life. Forcing the darkness to leave and only allowing light back in. Affirmations have become routine now. Anytime I feel anxious or can feel the darkness try to slide in, Aubreys voice reminds me that I dont have to allow it in. 
If you are on the fence about doing a Reiki session with Aubrey, dont wait anymore. You need this. You deserve it. You will love it.

Dani Motley

I received Reiki from Aubrey Rose Lewis for the second time this week. Amazing…Aubrey has manifested remarkable intuition. Each time I receive Reiki from Aubrey I myself am opened up to my own POWER. She goes deep incorporating her knowledge of the Esoteric, chakra system, crystals and all things spiritual. Aubrey creates an elevated level of healing with the use of her Shamanic drum bath, crystal sound balls, and tuning forks to delivering the ultimate Reiki experience to her clients. I am all in on continuing my healing journey with this true Master of the Reiki energy.

Kim Craig

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Are you looking for answers, or perhaps would like to receive a confirmation your life is on the right track? Whatever the reason may be, you’ve come to the right place. I love helping people develop the tools they need to cope with all of life’s challenges, and I get great satisfaction from seeing them heal and thrive. Contact me today and let the healing process begin.

336 South Main Street Belair Md 21014 Suite 2D-D


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