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omar faruk
Jul 28, 2022
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Here are some ideas: Industry statistics and explanations that are really interesting to outsiders A quote from another industry leader that inspires your business and a short sentence about how it inspires your company Quotes from competitors you agree or disagree with Beautiful, inspiring and adorable photos related to your business mission Viral videos from other sources that are somehow related to your business An interesting meme that speaks to industry insiders in relation to the industry News articles and promotional slogans about what they think it means for the industry Quick tips and how-tos whatsapp database on topics related to your brand, product, or industry – infographics are especially good When sharing news, don't overuse one source. You can't always rely on Vox for cool videos and the New York Times for breaking news . Try to create a list of 20 or 30 reliable, high-quality sources of information so that your shared content is always diverse. However, avoid sharing content without adding one or two sentences to the conversation. Incorporate your brand's voice into everything you advertise. If you successfully share well-curated information about your industry, you may find yourself becoming a must-see account in your sector. Free Download: Get this valuable resource of 29 Growth Hacking Quick Wins that you can use to grow your user base (even if you don't have a marketing budget)! Click here to download for free now. We've helped Fortune 500 companies, venture-backed start-ups, and companies like you grow faster . Get free consultation Related content: Remember: Thinking leadership is also important There is a third type of prompt that your business should incorporate into your social media strategy: Sort Leadership . Thought leadership builds brand authority by demonstrating that you are an industry expert . Here are some ideas for sharing ideas that interest your followers, while ensuring your credibility. Branded video or thinkpiece New blog posts published by your company Written or recorded interviews with someone on the team
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omar faruk

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